This is our Developing Future Brand , Under this logo we have great plans to expand our This little MEDICSCIENTIST group to a huge ENTERPRISE Organisation, which working in all field of life, We also starting a Charitable Trust under MEDICSCIENTIST, And We are Planed to starting a Unice HealthCare Chain of Small Hospitals hear in INDIA, For The Rural peoples, who are far far away from Advance Medical Facilities, We Will Provide these Medical Facilities Without Any  charge,Under Our Charitable Trust, And That’s Just a Beginning……..

Dr.Dheeraj Yadav — Helping other is gives a internal mental satisfaction , That’s the main reason, why people help others, (technically they all are selfish- mean they did for there own satisfaction) so we do…..,

Our Specialized Sections For Each Particular Fields—


  • Health related best articles, home treatments, food Supplements, Ayurveda and yoga related topics.
  • Technological advancement. Medical technics — Like- Radiology Tutorials, X-ray, Ultrasonography in Technical section of HEALTHSCIENTIST.


  • All about blogging, blogger tricks, web designing, how to create attractive blog.
  • seo related best articles, after a deep research,
  • best widgets for blogger available in blogger world.


  • Everything about latest mobile , windows mobile, pda, smart phone , nokia latest, Samsung , Motorola, lg, chines, ausus , there latest information and latest utilities.
  • All windows mobile Application tutorials, Best windows mobile application reviews for better user experience.
  • Different type of software’s for windows xp, vista, windows 7, there , there problems, data recovery,

Hear u can put any query about any kind of problem, we answer your question as soon as possible… Definitely.

We are sure that you always find something new in hear……,you can contact me… By email– support@medicscientist.com,

Hear our top priority is to make the reader a better experience…


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